Here in Dubai we are lucky enough to be inundated with wonderful, exciting thought leaders coming here to share their wisdom and inspire us to learn and grow. And not just our businesses but as human beings as well.

So why is MindStore and Jack Black so different and why are we at WLP Success so excited to be bringing him out here for you?

Idea lightbulbGo to any learning event and you are sure to leave with lots of new information and new ideas and ways to do things. This is the intellectual area of learning where your front brain, your neocortex is fully engaged and working away to help you create fantastic strategies for your future. Your neocortex is your thinking brain. Go to an event with someone like Brian Tracy or Jack Canfield and you are guaranteed to come away inspired and full of plans. But there is no action in the thinking brain. That’s why, so often, a couple of days later you remember you had a fantastic time and were totally inspired but you can’t remember exactly why it all seemed so easy then. And now, faced with taking action, suddenly you’re not so confident.

If you’re lucky enough to go to an event with someone like Anthony Robbins or Chris Howard you will still Excited childget loads of fantastic ideas, but they’ll go a little deeper and engage your limbic brain. Suddenly you are not just intellectually engaged, but your emotions are also running high. You know how they get you to move, to shout and yell, to dance – all of that is making your emotions engage with your new goals and ideas and that’s very powerful. If you are emotionally AND intellectually engaged you are far more likely to follow through and also to remember how to stay inspired for much longer. But there is no action in the limbic brain. That’s why even though you are completely committed and engaged with your goal, so often you put off taking action until things are “perfect”, you can get really excited about your plans but they are always in the future, and life always gets in the way.

At a MIndStore For Life event you are guaranteed to come away with loads of fantastic ideas and strategies, and you are guaranteed to be emotionally engaged with your wonderful future that you will envision. But here’s where MindStore is different. MindStore impacts your neocortex, your limbic brain AND your reptilian brain! The reptilian or back brain the part which controls all your actions. I like to call it the Gatekeeper, because your reptilian brain is directly connected to your spinal cord and your entire nervous system and its your body that actually DOES things, until then its only an idea! All action starts in the reptilian brain. If a message to take action can’t get through your reptilian brain because you’re too stressed, or fear is holding you back, no sustainable action will be taken. The Gatekeeper will block it. MindStore is different because it deals with the stress that change creates. It deals with it there and then take action clapboardand replaces the stress which was holding you back with powerful tools which can help you overcome any obstacle, stay focused and energised on your action plans over the long term and actually move you into effective action.

That’s why MindStore is different. That’s why Jack Black says “It ONLY works” and that’s why you should join us on Saturday at The Westin Mina Siyahi to get hold of these amazing tools for yourself. Its time to put all your wonderful ideas into action! Are you ready?

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