So did you enjoy our little story on leadership? Did it make you think?

Here’s what I think … and please feel free to disagree with me:

The first guy, Buzz was not a leader. He was a commander, a manager or a boss. He took charge and told people what to do and people did as they were told and the results were fantastic. He was a great manager, he inspired people to trust him and he stretched them beyond where they thought they could go. But ultimately his presence was required to get the desired results. Without him there, things would have gone wrong very quickly. He was not a leader.

The second guy was the leader. He created the circumstances where people could watch and learn. He inspired people to trust themselves and believe in themselves and to become more than they ever thought possible. He allowed everyone to become leaders and to rise to their fullest potential. Ultimately his leadership did not even require his presence to be felt. The influence of a true leader can be felt long after the person has left.

There’s a place for both types. The skill of a truly great leader is knowing which they are at any given time, and to know which is needed.


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