Stacey Murtagh

Brand Manager, MPlus+

We were looking for an external training company to provide tailored customer service training for our staff across all of our sites in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. WLP had submitted a tailored proposal which clearly stated that they had listened to our needs. As well as coming highly recommended by friends and colleagues in the region they delivered a great proposal. During the needs analysis they were very involved meeting with management and staff. The training conducted by Donna, Susan and Sarah was exceptional. They understood our business requirements and connected with our teams immediately. The impact afterwards has been great, our teams now communicate better with each other across sites and our net promoter score for customer service has increased by 20%. I would highly recommend WLP for anyone who is looking for training that will make an impact long term.

David Brennan

General Manager, Etisalat Academy, Dubai, UAE

I believe Etisalat Academy was the first organisation in the Middle East to hold The Leadership Challenge, which was for one of our key clients’ senior leadership team. Susan Castle was the course leader. Our client was extremely happy with the program and the results. They commented that this was the best leadership program that they had ever attended. In fact, they said this was the first time a program was helping them be an effective leader, rather than just teaching the theory of what to do. Susan was flexible in adapting the delivery program approach and timelines and used a dynamic, engaging approach to maximise participant learning. A great result. Thanks!

Saad Kayali

Managing Director, Sysmex Middle East

As the representative of a global leader in healthcare, Sysmex Middle East provides a lot of services through its network of distributors and it is important for the company to stay ahead of the needs of the region and its partners across the region. Having a team that is well-honed and performing at their best can only be good for business.  WLP Success’s  workshop for Sysmex helped the management to understand each Talent Dynamic profile, how it would help them maximise the roles each one played individually and as part of the team, the actions Sysmex Management needed to take for future growth and how to enhance and streamline systems and roles. This will with no doubt bring about all the elements we need from within to harmonize further and resonate for sustainable growth. I think Talent Dynamics is a great opportunity to maximize the harmony within the team, and thus develop a healthy change culture opting always to challenge its own achievements and parameters to yield further milestones in the journey of success we are all proud of.

Gill Brooksmith

Educator, Kinesiologist and Author

Carla Conte

Founder of Brand Creative

When I was first referred to Donna [for coaching], I wasn’t sure what to expect.  I had enjoyed the experience of a “life coach” before but this time I was briefed to her services as being “success coaching” and I feel that was the exact thing I needed at the time; a positive spin to developing my career and defining myself as a leader.  Over the past 2 years I have gone from a “one person show” at home to a buzzing real office with 10 employees and Donna has been part of that ever changing dynamic.  We have gone from the initial sessions of dealing with my own personal habits and conflicts to how to deal with clients and staff.   Each situation requires specific coaching for someone in a leadership position who wants to handle situations professionally and in a way that corresponds to their strengths as a person.  Donna is excellent in honing in on this exact correlation – you as a person vs. how you need to approach your business/career life.  Donna’s values and approach are a winning combination for me as she stands for integrity, balance and honesty while being friendly, approachable and a great listener.  Her background and personal experiences in the business world are invaluable; when I describe a situation she immediately understands the context and can relate while still keeping my overall goals at hand.  I would highly recommend any entrepreneur or person considering starting their own business to get in touch with Donna – she has certainly been the sound board I was searching for and will continue to stand by me as my business grows and changes.

Shannavas Ameerkanu

Senior Legal Director, Adam Consulting

Susan is one of the rare personalities I have ever seen in the United Arab Emirates during my stay in Dubai for the last six years. She assisted me in changing my life. I was Director of Adam Paralegal when I met her. Within a short span of time say three months I became Managing Director of one of the global branches of Adam Consulting in Abu Dhabi. The credit for this goes to Susan and her Diamond in Business. I was lucky to be invited to attend “Diamond in your Business”, conducted by Susan at Raddison Royal Hotel in Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai. I came out of the programme as a different person visualizing and deciding about my future. Susan made everyone attended the programme to visualize his/her future in one month, three months, six months, one year, and so on. I am really thankful to Susan for giving this opportunity to change my life and I will be always indebted to Susan for this.

Debbi Stumpf

Social Media Brand Ambassador and Author, San Diego

Susan‘s vision empowers people to achieve their personal best while giving them the tools they need to implement a solid plan. Her combination of uncanny wit and wisdom creates an instant rapport. She achieves her mission of building individuals and communities by providing them with a crystallized vision of where they want to be.

Joan Spear

Permaculture, Transition Town, Wellness Consultant, Composer for Theater and Film, Connecticut

Susan has always been an energetic, possibility thinker with positive and powerful work ethics and an articulate way to share the depth of her knowledge and discoveries about life. I hold her in high esteem.

Robert St. Jacques

HR Director and Entrepreneur

I have had the pleasure of working with Donna on three occasions: she has headed up the training functions at KOJ and PB and served as a L & D consultant at twofour54. Simply put, Donna is someone who gets stuff done. At KOJ, she effectively created the L&D department from scratch, putting together a multi-media training delivery system across multiple countries and for over 1500 employees. She led the team that created over 200 hours of internal, bespoke e-learning. At PB, she launched and managed the L&D function for the entire Middle East, combining, e-learning, live training, teambuilding, mentorships, coaching, and executive development. Recently, she served as a consultant for twofour54 and set up the L & D function, including vendor assessments, LMS optimization, L&D measurement system as well as delivering internal training on Performance Management. At the end of her gig, she handed over the function to the newly hired Learning and Development Officer. The amazing part is that she completed all the work in 8 weeks! She manages her staff in a professional and friendly manner and they were/are extremely loyal and engaged. Donna leads by example and her teams tend to deliver the same high quality and volume of work that she does. I am definitely looking forward to working with Donna in the future.” May 2, 2010

Ahmed Elnaggar

Head of Corporate law International Legal Consultants

I was hesitant about professional coaching until I tried it and it worked! When I started coaching with Donna Needs I definitely changed my mind. My law practice depended on work referred by senior partners in my firm and I realized that I needed to be able to start an effective way to manage and delegate tasks to my colleagues and co-workers to be able to get a chance to build up a big portfolio of my own clients. I wanted to develop into a cornerstone partner of my law firm, while at the same time balancing my family life with a wife and a very young daughter under the age of one. I exceeded my goals through Donna’s coaching, growing my management skills and time management in parallel to understanding the power of delegation I was able to have better relations with my colleagues and more satisfied clients also, in my personal life I managed to get back the control of my life and spend more time with my wife and daughter. I could not have done this without Donna’s help. She pushed me to take very positive actions. Some examples include telling me how to deal with my personal assistant and get the best out of her skills at the same time to make her enjoy working with me, looking to my time sheets differently and understand what is important and what is not that I should spend more or less time doing, and even she had a great impact in my personal life. Working with Donna made me think “wider” and develop a more successful law practice. I can recommend Donna without hesitation. October 26, 2011

Sakhi Maliya

Business Development & Implementation, Triburg Freight Services

Donna helped me identify my strengths and weaknesses through the Talent Dynamics tool which showed me how to be  in “flow” at work…having Donna as a coach has been very successful for me – she’s warm, understanding, and extremely knowledgeable about her field.

Nameer Kanderian

Atom Brands, Principal Consultant

I have been benefiting from Whitehorse Consulting for a period of 6 months, taking a combination of skills development and coaching to enhance my professional skills. In that time I have experienced great sincerity and tailoring in her approach to my needs, responding constructively to topics I needed to address by introducing valuable frameworks to explore. There is a depth of confidence required to take part in such consultation and in Donna Needs, I am given a trusted environment to share thoughts, concerns, ideas and dreams. I warmly recommend Donna Needs and Whitehorse Consulting to those seeking to develop themselves professionally. It continues to be a valuable experience, where a series of little changes are making the big changes happen.”  June 2011

Luke Stemberger

Asst. Construction Manager, Parsons Brinckerhoff M.E.

…Donna offered me the opportunity to set my ambitions and the accountability to follow through.  One of the goals Donna helped me to achieve was my promotion.  I wasn’t always an Assistant Construction Manager in the company, but Donna helped me build the confidence to lead in the company and provide a positive impact in my organization.” April 27, 2010

Anonymous client

professional man in his mid-30’s

As a result of Donna’s coaching, “…I was able to establish the kind of relationship that I wanted to maintain with my wife and children, motivate myself better to exercise and professionally make the changes that were required to satisfy my ambition. In short, her help was invaluable and in a short time I found my fitness and confidence restored, my career once again satisfying and my personal life rewarding. With a new vigour and direction I eventually stopped our sessions but would not hesitate to return to Donna, or recommend her to others, should I or my friends or colleagues ever be in the position of needing a fresh approach to improving their circumstances.” June 2012.

Mrs L Bleazard

former CEO, charitable foundation, Johannesburg, South Africa

I enjoyed the [coaching sessions] and found them to be incredibly focused and thought provoking. They assisted me to channel my thoughts and to open me up to what are in my best interests instead of my habitual consideration of others’ needs. The exercises you had me do enabled me to think laterally and creatively and I look forward to new career beginnings ahead.  You are someone I would recommend to colleagues and friends in need of introspection and direction.”

Anonymous client

woman in mid-thirties – moving countries and wanted to change careers.

“Donna was just what I needed when I needed it. She created a safe space for me to get clear about the direction I needed to take. Her listening ear and easy-going guidance allowed me to relax into myself, get real and have the courage to take the next step. I am so thankful for opportunity of working with her.”