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I heard this statement the other day and it got me wondering about the real importance of MindStore and my original motivation that led me into this work and way of life.

If you remember it came about through three people dying suddenly and later my own collapse in a hairdressers. It was my highly motivated search for a cure for my own stress that led me to writing and teaching MindStore. The really shocking thing about those sudden deaths was that you would never have thought the day before that they were going to pass away. Stress seemingly works away in the background undermining all manner of things and in particular one’s health and wellbeing.

Change of course is a constant so it makes sense to constantly counteract the potential in all of us to resist it, which often leads to negative consequences, sometimes contributing more to the weight on “the camel’s back.” My research led me to deep relaxation being the primary antidote, however the profound benefits and yet still widely unknown advantages that the resulting “Alpha State” provides was then and still is a huge “wow” for me. – Read more here

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