And what’s more, leadership skills training makes a difference!

OK, I know. I would say this wouldn’t I?

But seriously, I’m amazed at the number of conversations I have with people who complain about their people (usually senior people), but when I suggest that perhaps this person would benefit from some coaching, or some leadership skills training, come right back at me and reply “Oh no, they’re just useless/arrogant/think they know everything/control freaks” or whatever other reason they can think of for why the person they’re complaining about is beyond redemption.

The thing is, it’s very rare that any of these people are “useless/arrogant/think they know everything/control freaks” by choice. They are like that because no one has ever shown them that there is another way.

They are like that because that is what they learned from their leaders and they think that’s how leaders need to behave.

They are like that because they are too afraid to let go and lead.

They are like that because it’s really lonely at the top and they stepped on so many people on the way up that there’s no one they trust to ask for support. And no one told them that the way to true leadership is to build a mountain underneath you.

And its probably killing them! This way of behaving is extraordinarily stressful and fundamentally it doesn’t work. It destroys their health and the relationships closest to them. And it upsets team morale, makes your best people leave and the rest of your people not give a damn and it drives results through the floor.

No one chooses to lead badly. They just don’t know any other way. And for most of them, if they knew better they would do better. That’s what we do at WLP Success! Get in touch and let’s meet to see how we can help. We might even bring cake!

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