New Years Resolutions are an old tradition and yet they have become something of a joke in recent years and it seems that few people take them seriously any more, probably because most of them get broken within just a couple of days of making them!

So why is this? Why do we start the year with such good intentions but abandon them so quickly?

Well, I have a theory. You see most of us have pretty busy schedules and when we try to stuff a bunch of New Years resolutions into an already full life, there’s just no room. Something has to go! And the newest habits are always the easiest ones to break! Its no wonder our great plans fall by the wayside so quickly.

So this New Year I’m going to make a radical suggestion. Why don’t we resolve NOT to do things? That way we can make space in our lives for all the wonderful new things that we really want but currently have no room for!

Here’s some suggestions:

In 2017 I resolve not to allow negativity anywhere near me. When someone tells me to “be realistic” I will tell them that in my reality everything is possible and I choose not to live in their reality! I will tell them that IMPOSSIBLE also spells I’M POSSIBLE, or in the words of Aleksey Vayner, “Impossible is nothing!”. I will remember that a hundred years ago all the things we take for granted today, like air travel, the internet, even airconditioning, would have seemed absolutely impossible then!

In 2017 I resolve not to waste time making excuses not to exercise. If I didn’t waste this time I would have so much more to try new things and really focus on creating the wonderful body I know is in there somewhere! I resolve to remember that we regret the things we don’t do more than the things we do and I resolve to have no regrets in 2017 and try new and crazy things even if means a few more sore muscles and bruises!

In 2017 I resolve not to allow clutter any more space in my life. And I resolve to get rid of all the clutter I currently have. If I didn’t waste so much time looking for things I would have more time to have fun! Clutter is one of the biggest enemies of achievement, and not just physical clutter either. I resolve to throw out any mental clutter I come across just as ruthlessly!

In 2017 I resolve to not to waste money on things I don’t really need. It creates clutter and waste and those thing no longer have a place in my life.

In 2017 I resolve to focus on what I really want rather than all the reasons why I can’t have it. Its amazing how much time and energy we waste thinking about all the reasons why we can’t live an amazing life, I resolve to use that extra time creating results rather than making excuses.

In 2017 I resolve to not complain that I am too busy but instead be grateful that I have such a full and exciting life! But I also resolve to manage my priorities more carefully and not to waste time doing things that don’t enhance my life in any meaningful way. I also resolve to remember that there are people would appreciate the opportunity to do the things I don’t want to do, to enhance their income or to improve their skills.

In 2017 I resolve to not try to do it all myself but to share the experience, the workload and the fun with other like-minded people. Teamwork will be one of my keywords in 2017. TEAM stands for “Together Everyone Achieves MAGIC” and in 2017 everyone who works with me will!

In 2017 I resolve to not spend time with people who don’t want to live amazing lives. I will not waste time with people who are willing to settle for mediocrity, but will instead spend it with people who are pushing the boundaries of what they believed was possible.

In 2017 I resolve to not be rude or impatient to anyone but to appreciate everyone for their uniqueness, even if that uniqueness drives me crazy sometimes!

In 2017 I resolve not to forget the wonderful people in my life and not to miss any opportunities to tell them how special they are. I resolve not to take anyone for granted, we never know how long we will have them in our lives. I resolve to remember birthdays and special dates, it only takes a moment to send an email or a text to say you’re thinking of them and it will always be appreciated.

With all the free time and energy, not to mention money I will have because of all the things I have taken out of my life, I resolve to make 2017 a year to remember, a year to learn, to grow and evolve and to make a real difference in the world.

I wish us all an amazing 2017! May our next trip round the sun bring us more learning, abundance, and joy than we could ever imagine in our wildest dreams. May the best of 2016 be the worst of 2017!

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