So how are your New Years Resolutions going? Have you broken any yet? Have you broken all of them yet? Or do you keep falling over?

Here’s the really interesting thing about resolutions – it really doesn’t matter how often you break them as long as you go right back to them and get back on track immediately. So often people use that little slip as an excuse to give up completely. Instead why not use it as a learning experience? Here’s a couple of questions you can ask yourself:

“What happened to make me break my promise to myself?” – can you make yourself more aware of situations where temptation might get the better of you and avoid these situations or put distraction techniques in place so temptation is avoided?

“How did it make me feel?” Did you feel like a rebel and get a buzz from breaking your resolution? If you did you might want to revisit the goal and make sure you didn’t set it to please someone else. Self motivation is the only long term solution so get yourself loads of reasons why you chose this resolution to back you up when temptation strikes. Or did you feel horrible and guilty and beat yourself up for being weak and pathetic? If you are using your misstep as a learning experience you never need to feel guilt. If you’d known better you’d have done better, so forgive yourself for not being perfect.

“What will I do next?” – ask yourself how you can do better as a result of this experience. What did you learn about yourself or about your resolution that can help you in the future. Did you even learn that this resolution doesn’t really serve you? That’s OK, at least you won’t waste any more time and energy going after something you don’t really want.

There’s a quote allegedly from Confucius which goes something like “fall down seven times, get up eight”. It really doesn’t matter how many times you fall down as long as you get up one more time.

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