Career Workshop Series

Make the best career decision of your life and join us at the Career Workshop on May 15th 5-8pm, Dubai











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  • Module 1: Who am I and why am I here?

    We spend at least one third of our lives at work.  Anita Roddick said, “Work should be the incubator of the human spirit,” and we agree.  Our dream is that every single person on earth is working in their passion, in a respectful, dignified work place.

    This workshop is the foundation of the Career Workshop Series.

    This isn’t just about finding your next job.  This is about creating a new meaningful, fulfilling life.

    In this foundational workshop, we will uncover your values, strengths, skills, and competencies.  You will discover what lights your fire, and begin working on a life purpose statement.

    You will walk away from this workshop with more clarity about your future and more confidence in building the career of your dreams.

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    The following are the remaining workshops.  You can choose to attend one or all in whatever order you choose.  However, Module 1 is mandatory in order to attend the others.  If you aren’t able to attend the first one, a separate one-to-one session can be arranged.

    Module 2:  Your Career Direction
    Module 3: Marketing Yourself
    Module 4: Interviewing Secrets
    Module 5: Negotiating
    Module 6: The First 100 Days